Apr 1, 2022 • 52M

Episode 155: The Laptop from Hell - The Continuing Saga; FEC Fines Hillary, DNC; Pelosi Shocked by High Gas Prices

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Jay discusses the continuing saga of the "Laptop from Hell", The FEC's fining of Hillary and the DNC for lying about the funding of the debunked "Steele Dossier", Nancy Pelosi says she's shocked at the high gas prices in California and asks, "How could this be"? Where have you been for the past year Nancy, in a coma?

Nancy Pelosi Expresses Shock at California Gas Prices: "How Could This Be?"
Hunter Biden Probe Broader Than We Ever Realized, Grand Jury Convened Behind the Scenes
Bloomberg: Americans Need to Budget Extra $5,200 to Cover Inflation (about $433 a month)
U.S. unemployment claims rise by 14K
Majority of Voters Say Biden Should Resign if Gas Prices Don't Stop Rising
FEC Fines DNC and Hillary Clinton for Lying About Funding of Debunked Russia Dossier